0368.3464.01 Course Policy

  1. Lectures will commence at 17:10 precisely. There will be a 15 minute break between 18:30 and 18:45. The lecture will be over by 19:45.
  2. Lecture attendance is mandatory! Students who do not attend most of the lectures will not be allowed to take the final exam. Attendance will be verfied by scanning a QR code displayed after the lecture break.
  3. Always check the course web site before coming to class. There will be updated information regarding material to be covered, homework exercises, and last minute notices.
  4. The official course text is DSPCSP. There are multiple copies in the library and two copies will be reserved. Since semester is not enough time to cover the entire book, the precise (sub)sections covered are listed on the course web site. Please read the chapter material as needed.
  5. Homework assignments will be posted on the web site starting at the third lecture. Handing them in highly advised but not mandatory. Students who expend effort on most of the assignments will receive (up to 10) bonus points towards their final grade. Assignments are designed to coax you into reading over the material in the book (which is a good idea anyway). Programming assignments may be written in any language.
  6. Active participation is encouraged and influences the material covered. If you must miss a lecture, read the appropriate chapter in the text. Demonstrations performed in class will be available on the book web site.
  7. The final exam will be closed-book, and will test both knowledge and ability to solve practical problems. Unlike the past few years, the exam will not be multiple choice. An example exam will be posted on the course web site.
  8. I do not have office hours at the university (or even an office for that matter). Contact me via email - if need be we will set up a time to talk. Please do not hesitate to email me if you have questions regarding the subject matter. However, please also take into account that I receive over 500 emails per day, and so my answer may sometimes be a bit delayed.
  9. N.B. As you probably know I am not on the regular university staff (i.e., I have a real job). So why do go to the considerable effort to teach these courses and write textbooks? First, because I enjoy teaching. Second, because I think the subject matter is not being optimally taught by others. Third, because I want to teach you useful subjects that will influence your life (yes, that explains my long digressions into topics not normally considered part of the course material). I want the course to be as interesting, as useful, and as enjoyable as possible (that explains some of the jokes). Your feedback as to the attaining of these goals would be appreciated! In particular, please fill in the feedback form when requested by the university.