CS667 Neural Networks

Instructor: Prof. Jonathan Stein

Office: FM208 (1/2 hour before class or by appointment)
email: Jonathan (Y) Stein

Official text: S. Haykin Neural Networks, A Comprehensive Foundation
(not really the ideal text for this course)

Course Policy

Lectures and Assignments (click for outline)

  1. The Biological Neuron and Simple Models
  2. The Perceptron As a Classifier
  3. The Perceptron Learning Algorithm
  4. Weight Space and the PLA Criterion
  5. Soft Neurons and the LMS Algorithm
  6. Capabilities of Multilayer Perceptrons
  7. Hopfield Feedback Networks
  8. Training Multilayer Perceptrons
  9. Beyond Vanilla BP
  10. Radial Basis Function (RBF) Networks
  11. SOFM, VQ and LVQ
  12. Optimization Algorithms