CS392 - DSP for Computer Science Students

Instructor: Prof. Jonathan Stein

Office: FM208 (1/2 hour before class or by appointment)
email: Jonathan (Y) Stein

Course Text:
Digital Signal Processing: A Computer Science Perspective (DSP-CSP)
to be published by Wiley August 2000


(sorry no outlines presently available)
  1. Signals. What is a signal? Simple signals.
  2. Time and frequency. Instantaneous frequency.
  3. Systems. What is a system? Simple systems.
  4. Important systems. AGC and VOX. Mixer. PLL.
  5. Filters. FIR and IIR. Convolution.
  6. Graphical representations. Manipulation rules. Filter flow diagrams.
  7. Biological signal processing. Weber, Fechner. Speech production and perception.
  8. FFT. Everyday uses. DIF and DIT. Graphs.
  9. Function evaluation. Sine - cosine generation. CORDIC and applications.
  10. Correlation. System identification. Matched filters.
  11. Adaptive processing. LMS. Signal separation.
  12. Communications. Demodulation. FSK. QAM. V.34.
  13. Speech Compression.
  14. Speech recognition. DTW. HMM. Neural networks.

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