Course Policy: JCE 2010

  1. The official course text is DSPCSP. There are multiple copies in the library and two copies will be reserved. Unfortunately, one semester is not enough time to cover the entire book. Please read the chapter material carefully. There are rewards for finding previously unreported errors (up to 10 points).
  2. Always check the course web site before coming to class. There will be updated information regarding material to be covered, homework exercises, and last minute notices.
  3. Although the chapters to be covered in the lecture are mentioned on the web site I am notorious for not confining myself to the planned material. Thus lecture attendance is mandatory. Students who do not attend at least 50 percent of the lectures will not be allowed to take the exam. Active participation is encouraged and influences the material covered. If you must miss a lecture, read the appropriate chapter in the text. Most demonstrations performed in class will be available on the book web site.
  4. Lectures will commence at 18:00 precisely, so you are requested to arrive before then. There will be a two 15-minute breaks at 18:45 and 19:45, and the lecture will end at 20:45.
  5. The final exam will be closed-book. The questions are designed to probe your understanding of the material covered. The first part of the exam deals with theory, and the second part is composed of exercises. Examples of exams from previous years will be made available.
  6. Homework assignments are posted on the web site and will be covered in the exercise session. There is no requirement to hand in exercises, but attending the exercise session is mandatory. Assignments are designed to coax you into reading over the material in the book (which is a good idea anyway).
  7. Course grades will be based on exam results, but may be influenced by participation. I will take extenuating circumstances (such as joining the course late or long illness) into account.
  8. Cheating (such as copying) on assignments will lead to their rejection. Cheating on exams will lead to course failure.
  9. I do not have office hours at the college (or an office for that matter). Contact me via email and if need be we will set up a time to talk. Please do not hesitate to email me if you have questions regarding the subject matter. However, please also take into account that I receive about 500 emails per day, and so my answer may sometimes be somewhat delayed.
  10. N.B. As you probably know I am not on the regular staff (in other words I have a real job). So why do go to the considerable effort to teach these courses and write textbooks? I teach because I enjoy teaching and I write because I think that the present books are not sufficient. My aim is for the course to be as interesting, as useful, and as enjoyable as possible. Your feedback as to the attaining of these goals is appreciated!