My J2ME programs

Here are JAR files for some of the programs I have written for J2ME-enabled cellphones. I don't supply JAD files anymore - no-one seems to need them. The programs assume MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1, but other than that do not require any advanced JSRs.

tanach-cell TANACH
This program is a complete Hebrew bible (tanach) with browsing and search features. You will need a cellphone with Hebrew font support and about 700 KB of room. Due to idiosyncrasies of Hebrew support there are two versions - if you use the wrong one the letters in each word will be reversed (and thus rather difficult to read).
The program displays one verse at a time. The book, chapter and verse are displayed at the top of the screen. If the verse is too long for the screen, you may decrease the font size (read on ...).
Press 2 to go on to the next verse. You can go back one verse by pressing 3, but note that this is a slower operation due to the fact that J2ME files are sequential access.
The default font is rather large on some phones. At any time press 7 to decrease the font size or 9 to increase.
The program always starts out in Breshit (Genesis). To choose another book press 4 and select from the list. To jump directly to a chapter and verse in the current book press 5.
Pressing 6 enables you to search. At this point in time the search is limited to simple match - there are no regular expressions, and the search string may be part of word. Making this more flexible is on my "to do" list. Note that you can choose to search from the current position or from the beginning of the Tanach, and you can search only in the current book, or to automatically continue on to the next book.
Press # to see the full help. Press 0 for the "about" message. Press * to exit the program.
Tanach program for nonreversing phones!
Tanach program for reversing phones!